I'm Ava Brighton, born in The Netherlands. In 2009 I graduated as a Graphic Designer and immediately started working in the field. After a few years I decided to start my own company and I’m still doing this till this day. In 2012, I met my current partner and this is when I was introduced to the pain and suffering many men have to endure when they’re divorced. Being totally unaware of this world I offered my help, thinking it would be the logical thing to do: I saw him as a father and man being treated like a human being without any human rights. As a matter of fact, I soon found out many animals seem to have more human rights than this human being who hadn't seen his child for 8 years. 

The battle of a man is like a whirlwind: once in, it is almost impossible to get out, because of the injustice which I saw happening year after year. I did continue my work as a Graphic Designer and helped where I could, until I discovered this was not just a bad hand of cards which had been dealt to my partner but there was an entire system behind it, designed to take a man as well as the child down. I cannot write it down more positively and this is my conclusion as an observer in a time span of 8 years. When I met my partner, he had already lost everything years before. I saw a loving man, but I knew it was the shadow of the man he used to be. By the time the child was 18 years old and the battle was over, I noticed this battle which consists of a total annihilation of career, social environment, family and all one could possibly think of, would never be over unless the death of my partner would make further battling useless. Still, I could see this would probably continue forever and I just couldn't comprehend what drove a woman to willfully destroy a man, even after being destroyed. I could not understand the continuing motivation after the money is gone, the child is gone and everything has been to the advantage of the woman and mother. 

 In the last 3 years of witnessing this never ending battle I started to read about father's rights and to my utmost surprise I discovered there weren't any. In the winter months of 2016, I was introduced to Cassie Jaye's documentary 'The Red Pill' which was, looking back, a turning point in my life. I saw the exact same stories as I’d heard for years, happening to men all over the world. The exact same pattern in the strategies their ex-wives use to completely destroy their former partner and - most of the time - the father of their children. It introduced me to modern feminism; a movement I knew absolutely nothing about and which completely took me by surprise. It was the first time I was introduced to a young generation of women and their slogans, such as 'Kill All Men', 'The Future Is Female' and the sheer hostility of these women in general, which I found to be quite appalling. 

It wasn't until the fall of 2019, when I recorded my video 'Are Almost All Women Mentally Insane', as a reaction to both my private experiences as an observer of the annihilating effect modern feminism had on my partner and his child, but also on the free bleeding and raving women dressed like female genitals, demanding even more of whatever it is they wanted to have. The 'Are Almost All Women Mentally Insane' video immediately started to go viral after A Voice For Men shared it and other MRA pages started to share it. Then I noticed YouTube immediately shadow-banned my video, but the reactions to this video were not at all negative. Many people recognized the things I was talking about, men and even women agreed to most of the things I spoke about. Meanwhile I was starting to receive, to my surprise, messages from both men and women all over the world. Women, weirdly enough, applauding my efforts. It's now that I start to understand their support, as they absolutely do not want to be associated with the women portrayed in my video, distancing themselves from modern feminism which these women themselves proclaim to be 'a radical misandry-inclined movement of extremists' and expressed their support via e-mail. Then I decided to make a video which briefly explained the reason I started making videos: 
It was because of what I had seen up close. The majority of the messages were, and are still coming from the men, often cornered by family law, having lost everything which was dear to them and everything they worked for. I made a decision to dedicate my time to address something which I find to be crucial for the betterment of society, something which I can only describe as a plea for equality. A term which I rather wish to avoid, thanks to feminism.  

At the beginning of the year 2020 I launched this website, with the goal to achieve equality for men. I’m questioning the aggressive, radical gender-biased system which has ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of men and children. I question this radicalism because of the immediate response from the more far left side, which labeled me in my first interview with the mainstream media's Dutch biggest newspaper as being 'far right', a method I already have watched them use on everyone who doesn't necessarily agree to the modern feminist, far left ideologies. I made the decision to not talk about politics, my views or my preferences, as I know this will make the listener of the opposite view, immediately prejudiced about the things I raise awareness for. It’s not about my views. It’s about facts, gender biased laws, destroying men around the world. I do not advocate for women, because women have enough advocates already, while they already have all the laws on their side. 

I plan to do much more than just ‘raising awareness’ via videos on Youtube. I’m not there yet, but this is the beginning: I am very happy you decided to come to my website and I hope we can all come together digitally to create a large group of people for the same goal: Justice for men.


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